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Welcome to Mahaweli Hydro Power Complex

Largest Hydro Power Complex in Ceylon Electricity Board – Srilanka


“Enrich Life

             Through Power”


To develop and maintain an efficient, coordinated and economical system of electricity supply to the whole of Sri Lanka, while adhering to our core values


  • Quality
  • Service to the nation
  • Efficiency and effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Professionalism
  • Sustainability
  • Commitment

Ceylon Electricity Board

CEB is a body corporate established on the 1st November 1969 under the Act of Parliament No. 17 of 1969. It is empowered to generate electrical energy, transmit the same and distribute it to reach all categories of consumers and to collect the revenue. There are 03 major divisions called Generation, Distribution and Transmisionon…

Generation Division

Electricity in Sri Lanka is generated using three primary sources:  Hydro Power, Thermal Power (which includes coal and fuel oil) and other non-conventional renewable energy sources (Solar power and Wind power). There are Seperate units for Generation Devision as;

Mahaweli Complex (Hydro), Laxapana Complex (Hydro),  Samanala Complex (Hydro), Thermal Complex (Fuel and Coal)

Mahaweli Complex 

MC is a major unit of the Generation Divisions that is generated about 8.5GWh annually. We are the largest Hydro Power Complex in Ceylon Electricity Board. We have eight Hydro Power Stations and a Wind Power Station.

Victoria (Hydro), Randenigala (Hydro), Rantambe (Hydro), Kotmale (Hydro), Upper Kotmale (Hydro), Ukuwela (Hydro), Bowatenna (Hydro), Nillambe(Hydro), Thambapawani (Wind)

Rantabe Power Station

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Deputy General Manager’s Message –

To generate electrical energy as a socially responsible operator, proactively seeking opportunities for development, and delivering value in terms of reliability, quality and competitive pricing.